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Go to Starbucks. Order coffee for “Prisoner 24601”

When they call out your order, jump up and yell “My name is Jean Valjean!”

And if the barista replies with “AND I’M JAVERT,you tip that motherfucker so hard

josie and the pussycats is on it’s my guilty pleasure except i don’t feel guilty about it if you don’t like this movie you literally suck


Card Captor Sakura wedding dress ensemble designed by CLAMP in the Tokyo Bridal Festa’s 2011 fashion show.

i’ve been really into crafting lately so i decided to put labels on my jar and i used my book buddy bunnies to do it~

the japanese says in order: happy, memory, jar

because it’s my happy memory jar

also the bonus bbw candle i cleaned out and converted into a cute storage holder for my stuff ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

but i want to do more crafts so i’m gonna convince ryan to take me to craft stores the day we go down to toronto

can anyone recommend me any place in toronto i can get some cute craft supplies?







I should be sorry for this, but I’m not.


HAHAHA YES I KNEW IT! THE TOSS WAS REAL AND NOT CG! It explains why everyone looks so freakin excited when he catches it, lol. [link]


my name is chio and i have a spiritual connection with donuts.